Yoga as part of your outdoor training routine


I was lucky enough that I had the best yoga teacher a long time ago. It all started as a way of me learning how to meditate and then I got hooked, and that was a long time ago in the 90s.

Then I became a trainer and had more yoga training.

So let me give you my honest opinion about what I think about Yoga.

I learnt that all forms of exercise are simple movements. I never wanted to be a trainer that only does Yoga and that’s why I went on to study so many other things.

The positives of yoga are flexibility, mind control, spiritual development, muscle tone, strength.

The negatives of yoga happens when yoga becomes a religion, when one sees yoga as the ultimate form of exercise.

So the first negative side of yoga is being competitive in yoga. You know that person that goes into a hand stand, does a somersault and does that like in one second? That’s yoga going wrong. Because someone will see that and will think that that movement is the target and that is impossible, not to mention dangerous.

Another negative side of yoga is the guru. That teacher that thinks that he or she is god and in recent history we had a few like Bikram.

And the worst aspect of them all is the complexity. Routines that look like Cirque du Soleil is running a show. The actual yoga basic movements are very simple and don’t require you to put your feet above your head.

So Yoga is good and must be part of any good training routine but as you saw it has its problems and should be combined with other forms of exercise.

I am a big Yoga fan.