What is the best clothing to be used during your outdoor personal training session?


I know this blog entry sounds crazy but that’s one of the things that most of you always ask me, especially clients that will have their first session with me.

So let’s talk about it.

I remember that in the 70s, (ok now you know my age…) there were no proper exercise clothes.

People used to get old jeans and make shorts and cut old t-shirts and turn them into singlets.

Nowadays fitness clothing is fashionable, and it can be mega expensive to look average.

Fitness clothes are now so comfortable that most people use them the whole day.

So let’s get back to the point.

How to dress for a good personal training session.

I am big fan of exercising in bare feet or using the most comfortable shoes you can find. Tight, hard shoes are out. You need mobility.

I also suggest you wear pants over shorts because they will protect you against solar radiation, and you don’t need to think about if certain parts are on display or not.

In terms of tops avoid tight clothes because they are not good for circulation and can trap sweat creating a good environment for breeding bacteria and fungus.

In terms of fabrics go for cotton and if you can’t at least wear cotton underwear because your parts need to breathe.

Avoid materials that trap too much air. Your body has its own cooling system.

Avoid exercising with beanies during winter because your head is part of the amazing body’s temperature regulation.

So use good sense, don’t wear perfume, make up, hair extensions, extra long nails, wigs and so on.

Yes I once had a client that lost her wig during training! Funny story.

The more natural the better.