Sigourney Cantelo

Vogue Beauty & Health Director

When I met Ricardo, I was expecting to hear about his fitness ideas (as a journalist I meet experts all the time who claim to have found the Holy Grail of Health). I wasn’t expecting to be transformed.

I have road-tested many fitness fads over the years and had results that looked good at the start but would eventually plateau (or the workout would get downright boring). By comparison, Ricardo believes in surprising the body constantly and he continually changes up his workouts so that you never get bored. He has a bottomless toolkit of intriguing equipment from TRX bands to a tightrope strung up between two trees, so that you never know quite what you’re going to get. Sessions are taken in a leafy park by the harbour so that working out never feels like a drag.

Training with Ricardo has made me completely reassess my diet and lifestyle. From eating less protein, minimising dairy and grains and incorporating raw food wherever possible, to working out smarter, not harder.

He’s up to date with the latest health research and is not afraid to innovate in both his training techniques and dietary advice to reflect it. Some of Ricardo’s methods seem unconventional at first and at every turn I questioned him relentlessly (ever the skeptical journalist) and each time he would reply with links to the latest study or research that backed up his theories. He’s also a lovely, gentle person and never shoves it down your throat.

It's hard to say no to him.

Ricardo’s methods must be working. I’ve never had anything dramatically change my body in such a short amount of time. I’m lighter and feel cleaner and leaner than I was before my wedding. As a busy working mum that’s no mean feat. As swimsuit season looms, I am looking forward to seeing more results.

Rebecca Caratti

Vogue Editor

I have been training with Ricardo for the past 8 years and I can confirm that he can changes bodies. I started training with him to get my body in it's best shape for my wedding and he's worked with me through both my pregnancies and postpartum journey.
Ricardo is not your typical "trainer" - he has a 360 holistic approach to wellness and his knowledge on nutrition, beauty, fitness, meditation and general well-being is all backed by science. I am constantly blown away by his knowledge. He has a tailored approach to training - and really designs a program according to each individual and their needs.

Ricardo gets results. Not only that, he cares. He checks in and is so supportive and so encouraging - I am lucky to be his client.

Eugenie Kelly

Harper’s Bazaar Editor in Chief

I’ve seen pretty much all there is to see when it comes to the world of fitness and gyms. It’s a pretty sad reality, but Ricardo is actually the first trainer I’ve worked with who is serious about making exercise fun. Under his tutelage, I’ve switched to outdoor fitness and have never felt more enthusiastic about working out. All I needed was a series of twice-weekly sessions with Ricardo.

Ricardo breaks up workout boredom with interesting training devices, exercises you never thought you’d be able to master and encouragement all the way. He has made me realise that fitness doesn’t have to be delivered in a pre-packaged gym format, and with a little imagination, the great outdoors is all you ever need.

I was a super-fit gym junkie, but the demands of two children and a full-on career whittled all motivation away. Now I’ve finally got my enthusiasm back and crave being active, and its all thanks to Ricardo getting me back on track. If you’re a stuck in a rut, I’d highly recommend him – you won’t regret it.

Danielle Ragenard

IMG Models Vice President

We love working with Ricardo Riskalla as he focuses on the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual.

In a business that tends to focus only on the physical we find our clients respond to his holistic approach, building a platform to long term health, happiness and success.

Jordan Kale Barrett


Now with Ricardo Riskalla Training I can walk into a training session with a positive mindset, previously dreading what was to come in a session with other personal trainers.

After my first meeting with Ricardo my attitude toward fitness and healthy living changed entirely.

His pure, energetic approach and love for what he does influences others.

Constant communication & professionalism from someone with the intelligence to educate and who knows exactly what they’re talking about.

Exactly what I needed.

Regina Gao

Celebrity Make-up and Hair Stylist

I have been training with Ricardo Riskalla for over eight years now.

Since then, I have been living a healthier lifestyle.

I lost 12 kilos and dropped two dress sizes.

Ricardo also helped me to keep in shape during my pregnancy.

I learned a lot about exercise and diet and how the mind and emotions affect the body.

Now I know that my mental health and life balance always come first.

I feel happier, more loved, confident and grateful every single day.

Ricardo is truly a life-changing trainer!

Stefan Pollmann


I have been working with Ricardo for eight years now.

I am always impressed by his immense knowledge of nutrition, longevity, anti-aging, and his approach to creating a more functional and muscular body.

I use his holistic approach to exercise in my own coaching protocols in things like skin health, the body, meditation and well-being.

I am looking forward to keeping learning from Ricardo.

Karen Alexandre

Miss Universe, Miss World, Elite Model Look

Ricardo is a multifaceted personal training that has helped me improve my health, weight, skin and daily habits.

He is an excellent long-term investment in anyone's modelling career.

Triann Van Egmond

IMG Models Senior Manager

Ricardo is the most committed, professional and knowledgeable trainer I have worked with at IMG Models.

After eight years of our working relationship, Ricardo has continued to prove incredible support, guidance and results for our models of various body types to achieve their goals healthily.

I strongly recommend Ricardo and look forward to working together for many more years to come.

Therese Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr's mum

I love Ricardo Riskalla, what an incredible being of light and love. Ricardo has been training me for a while and he brings a different approach balancing mind, body and spirit and on a physical sense I am already seeing results far superior to any training I have previously done.

Ricardo and I are kindred spirits, both on the path of contribution to others. We are both passionate about health and wellness and together we bounce things off each other, discover new healthy recipes, create programs and work together for the betterment of others. It is such a gift to my life to find such a blessing as Ricardo in this world.

Thank you Ricardo, you are my soul brother and you make a massive difference to other people's lives.

Dmitri Zorin

Former USSR (Russian) Olympic team Coach

My name is Dmitri Zorin, I have known Ricardo for a few years.

I can say that Ricardo is a very determined person and very professional. He is very passionate about sports and I can say that he does it with his heart.

Ricardo is a very good trainer.

He puts a lot of attention on diet, variety of exercises, seeing his clients as a whole.

If you are looking for a trainer, stop here and speak to Ricardo. You will be very happy to train with him.

Rick Matthew

IMG Models Senior Manager

Training with Ricardo was the first time with a PT that I have ever been able to stay accountable and see results not only for me but also for models that I manage at IMG Models. I highly recommend his services.

Katherine Taylor

Bella Model Management

We love working with Ricardo here at Bella, his holistic approach aligns with our management style and we have had fantastic feedback across the boards!

Amy Ives

Australian Rowing Olympic Team

Ricardo offers the whole package: nutritional guidance, fitness development and motivation.

Being an elite athlete I know from experience what to look for in a training program, and Ricardo's program has it!

Spike Goddard

Formula 3 / World Champion

Through Ricardo’s well thought out and funky training sessions I have been able to change my diet and have lost 20 kilos and gained the muscles I have needed to achieve success in motor racing.

Ricardo’s training has improved the quality of my life and I will be forever grateful.

Simone Pedersen

Red Scout CEO

Ricardo invests himself in each and every client - more so than any other trainer I have ever met. He listens to your goals and strategizes a plan to achieve that. He checks in during the week, making sure you are doing your homework (training) and holds you accountable for the results that he expects you to achieve.

He's not like other trainers who are 'out of sight and out of mind' whenever you leave their sessions……Ricardo expects commitment and serious results so you don’t have a choice, but to do what he says!

He has a great passion for all things to do with fitness, from exercises that make you feel muscles you never knew you had, to great tips on nutrition and health/wellbeing.

Ricardo is a true professional, and if you want to achieve results, then I can't think of anyone better to work with!

Marco Maddaloni

ESPN International


Amazing, informative, and compelling.

Highly recommended for anyone concerned about their health, fitness and physical well-being.



After a few days of training with Ricardo and following his diet I could already see and feel a big difference with my body.

He really gives you all the motivation you need to achieve your goal while also following up on how you're doing, even after the class is over.

Getting in shape has never been that easy and fun!

His dedication to his work is wonderful and makes you want to train even harder.

Mandy De Wolff


I really enjoyed training with Ricardo during my work as a model in Sydney Australia.

He helped me to lose weight and shape up for work.

Also the way he could fit the sessions into my daily schedule was very good.

A lot of good energy, I enjoyed his company and looked forward to every session every time.

Astrid Holler


Ricardo has helped improve my body.

My completion is better, I have lost weight and I feel much more energetic and healthy thanks to the delicious and healthy diet and exercise program!

Tess Haubrich


Before I started training with Ricardo I was unfit and felt tired and sluggish.

Within the first week of training and following his eating plan, my skin was visibly clearer and my energy levels had considerably increased.

Four weeks on, I feel the best I have ever felt.

Ricardo has a very holistic approach to exercise and nutrition.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

We only have one body and Ricardo sure knows what to do with it to get amazing results!

Ashley Pogmore

Australia’s Next Top Model

Whilst being on Australia's Next Top Model I realised how unfit I was and how almost everything I ate was unhealthy.

It was not until after Australia's Next Top Model I knew I needed to change my lifestyle, in that time I was struggling to find any successful ways to keep fit and eat healthy.

Thankfully I was introduced to Ricardo, and his book.

With his knowledge and motivation it has given me a completely new outlook on health and fitness.

I noticed results straight away.

Also with his training and diets I continue to see results weekly.

I have never been this healthy and I truly believe if it wasn’t for Ricardo's help I would not have been able to reach my goal.