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The Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet

Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet ebook

In this book Ricardo reveals all his secrets about longevity, beauty, detox, diet and fitness. He even reveals the model’s secrets for homemade face creams and to how to create your own food recipes. The book also covers the attitude needed to succeed in fitness.

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A Dieta do Treinamento Ricardo Riskalla

Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet ebook portuguese

Neste livro, Ricardo revela todos os segredos sobre longevidade, beleza, desentoxicação, dieta e condicionamento físico. Revela, ainda, os segredos das modelos para cremes faciais feitos em casa, e como criar suas próprias receitas de alimentos. O livro também aborda o comportamento necessário para se conseguir bom condicionamento físico.

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Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet ebook chinese


The Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet
Simple Recipes Cookbook.

This is not your usual recipe book. This is a companion book for the book The Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet. Ricardo added only easy-to-make recipes, not particularly fancy, but hearty and nutrient-rich dishes based on the principles of his previous book.

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Inside Fitness
The art of fitness inside

Following the success of his other books, celebrity Personal Trainer, Ricardo Riskalla, describes in a very straightforward manner the way to meditate and achieve inner balance. Riskalla has been teaching the method described in this book for years and that is one of the pivotal sources of his success as a trainer.

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Say it!
Modern Zen Buddhist Koans

Ricardo loves and breaths what he teaches, one of this passions is Buddhism.  This book is a compilation of the main core teachings of Buddhism in a totally new light, bringing old knowledge to our current era. The teachings are compiled into affirmations that can be used by anyone from any background and age.

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