Are you a virgin in terms of outdoor training? How to start training? The pitfalls and tips of the fitness journey


And that’s fine, hey we need to start one day so now’s a good time.

I will give you some tips to help you succeed in your fitness journey and also to avoid a few traps that trust me are set up along the way.

There is a whole industry out there wanting to get your money for nothing.

So the best way to start training is to start walking every day.

Just a relaxed slow walk and enjoy the scenery.

The wrong way to start training is to join a group class. Yes, you heard it right.

In a group setting a beginner will feel out of place, will feel like a failure and will hate fitness. Also in a group class you are just a number, most of the teachers in a group class are not concerned about individuals and more about the routine.

I have been there as a teacher. I only did it twice while I was being trainer to be a personal trainer and I hated it. I didn’t like it because when I was running the classes I didn’t know who was in the class, their names, likes and dislikes, possible injuries, basically I was more concerned about me. So I vowed not to ever again run group classes.

Above all I am a personal trainer and as the word says it is "personal".

In my opinion group classes are a failure in all levels. There is no proper guidance, no adaptation to each client’s fitness levels.

It is a system designed by people that want to make money fast.

The funny side of it is that everyone that I know as a trainer that tried to run a business like that went broke.

They went broke because people are not treated as they should be and in the end clients realise that they are being conned and they leave.

I would avoid those classes at all costs.

Fitness should be a mix of pleasure and wellbeing. It must be something that adds value and not diminishes you.

If I were you I would look for the guidance of one on one training that will look after your needs and take your fitness level and likes into consideration.

And yes the trainer’s experience is very important here. A good trainer is a good listener. It is funny because what we usually see is the commando style trainer that barks at people. It is very easy to scream at people. There is no listening in that mould.

Maybe we still hold that Biggest Loser idea of a trainer.

So my advice to you is to start training with the proper guidance and you will see how training can add value not only to your physical health but also to your mental state.

You will only know it if you do it.

So, let's do it?

If you are reading this it may be because one you have never exercised or you never had a trainer before.