Personal Training

The Ricardo Riskalla
Gentle body weight training method is a genuine revolution in fitness.

Its unique development is a result of a lifetime of research, dedication and practice. It works for men trying to achieve a sculpted, ripped physique, and for helping women achieve a smaller and more defined shape. And when it comes to getting rid of problem areas on your body, Ricardo Riskalla Training truly has it down to an art.

It keeps your training interesting, not just for you but for your muscles.

As your body learns to adapt to a specific exercise, it plateaus in its transformation. To combat this, Ricardo Riskalla Training draws upon many schools of exercise, and implements over 3,000 gentle body weight exercises. In fact, no two training sessions will ever be the same. By continually changing the way you train, you’ll keep your muscles guessing and help your body develop exactly how you want it to.


Our gentle method goes beyond physical training.

Ricardo Riskalla helps you plan your diet and make the best meal choices, based on cutting edge anti-aging diet research. This new method has helped models get into perfect shape, actors prepare for special roles, and professional athletes finally achieve the edge they need. Ricardo Riskalla speaks to each and every client to understand their specific needs.

Outdoor Face to Face Sessions

Ricardo Riskalla’s gym has the sky as its ceiling and no doors in any direction. Being outdoors is not only healing for the body but for the soul. No more mirrors, dirty gyms, locker rooms. Nature is part of us and Ricardo takes it seriously. Sessions are run in a very beautiful and secret park in Sydney, Australia around Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay and Cammeray areas.

One on one only

Ricardo is a believer that all sessions should be tailored for you, and you only. For this reason all of his sessions are one on one only. Basically Ricardo will be there only for you. Your sessions will cover nutrition, exercise and you will leave all of your sessions feeling amazing, relaxed and balanced. You will never see Ricardo running a group or shared session. 

Unable to see Ricardo face to face? One on one live streaming is the way

The world is in lockdown but not your health. During the lockdown period it is also important to keep your health and body in top shape. So Ricardo Riskalla is available to you now worldwide running live sessions via your favourite video streaming applications, Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp. No equipment needed, just you and one square metre of training area. All sessions are one on one and designed for you, like the usual face to face sessions.

Single Consultations

It could be that you need just a quick one hour chat to put you on the path to success. A simple live streaming or face to face consultation with Ricardo might be the solution for you. Your consultation will cover exercise guidance and nutrition coaching, and solve most of your doubts, and will definitely help you to be the best version of yourself.

Our Prices

One On One Personal Training
Face to Face or Streaming

1x a week

(3 months)*
12 sessions in total


2x a week

(3 months)*
24 sessions in total


1 Hour

Online Single Consultation


* 1. All sessions last 1 hour and include ongoing physical evaluation, exercise homework and nutrition coaching.

* 2. Ricardo is also available to travel on-set or on-location both interstate and overseas to help clients prepare for a special acting or modelling role. Prices available on request.

* 3. One on one sessions mainly run in Sydney Lower North Shore , Australia around Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay and Cammeray areas.