What you should never do during a personal training session


There is a right way to exercise.

There is a right way to eat.


There is some training etiquette.

Some things are very basic but some people miss the mark.

I think rule number one is to respect the trainer.

We trainers study a lot to do what we do, we wake up at ridiculous hours, take phone calls on demand, we think about your wellbeing and results.

Being a trainer is hardcore.

It is a 24/7 job.

So respect is to listen to the trainer’s advice and guidelines.

We only prescribe things that work, that have been tested and re-tested.

The second point is to never be late for your sessions.

Everyone’s time is precious so you need to acknowledge it really well.

The third point is to do your homework as prescribed. When a day off is prescribed there is a reason for it and so on.

The fourth point is to listen to your trainer during the session and never ever answer your phone when it rings.

Training time is precious.

The fifth point is to pay your trainer on time. And this one gets back to respect.

The sixth point is to come to training in clean clothes, with deodorant.

The seventh point is to have your hands washed before each session.

And above all have a positive attitude to enjoy every second of it.

Let’s talk about training etiquette.