How to breathe doing a fitness sessionĀ 


Some people say no need to exercise and pay attention to your breathing.

At Pilates, I have learnt to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

At Yoga, I have learnt many breathing techniques.

So who is right?

I think all schools of exercise that put emphasis on breathing are on the right track.

I have to lean more to the yoga school, since it is the oldest, so it has more knowledge behind it.

In my experience I came to learn that exercises performed with long deep breaths create a better technique, more relaxation and perfect exercise pacing.

So there benefits after benefits.

I am in favour of letting my clients feel in control, relaxed and calm.

I see no pointing in training without correct breathing.

It would be like cleaning your house without cleaning products.

Think about the deepest and longest breaths in and out that you can do with your nose.

That is how I like to train.

Fully aware of all movements, oxygenating all muscles and organs, using slow and perfect technique.

The breathing issue during exercise is so controversial.