Should you cut fat to lose weight?


But unfortunately, this is not the case and never will be the case.

If you cut fat out of your diet you will experience severe health problems because a lot of vitamins are fat-soluble and all hormones are created from fat.

So you got the scenario.

To lose weight one should balance what we call macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Basically balance.

Some people think that balance is to eat protein like crazy; this is a mistake.

Some people think that balance is to just eat carbohydrates; this is another mistake.

This is where the help of a professional is crucial.

On top of diet, moderate exercise should be done.

Because someone that needs to lose weight already has high levels of inflammation in the body and high-intensity exercises generate even more inflammation.

Basically, the recommendation is to do exercises that reduce body inflammation, and that is low to moderate intensity.

Also, no one wants to vomit while exercising. This is only good for sensationalist TV shows.

So eating fats is essential for your health!

I am talking about unheated, unprocessed fats.

Fats are good! And taste amazing.

It seems very obvious: if you want to lose weight, cut fat out of your diet.