Unusual Fitness and health tips


I will give you a few of mine that you might not be thinking about. Top unusual tips:

Only have cold showers. Cold water therapy stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your body to get rid of toxins and water retention.

Create a budget, put your fitness expenses right there on the top of the list, and cut out expenses for junk food, alcohol, over consumption.

Analyse everyone around you and let go of bad influences.

Get rid of your credit card. Only spend money on the things that matter and stop being impulsive.

Never ever join general programs or group classes. Companies like that will treat you like a number and are not interested in you. Focus on one-on-one personal training. As the name say: personal, not scam training.

Meditate every day to create a calmer, more centred life for you and the world.

So action!

Hey, when you decide or have decided to get fit, you went online, asked everyone around you for tips.