Diet Vs Exercise


What is better for weight loss? Diet or exercise?

In my career I came to understand that diet is the most important factor in all aspects of health.

There is no point in exercise if you don’t eat well.

It is like trying to build up a house using sand and water and expecting it to withstand heavy rain.

When your body is nurtured correctly every single function will be done as it is supposed to be done. Every aspect of our body will have the correct elements to only create a good shape according to your genetics. Your mental state will also be more in tune with natural laws.

Some people say that diet is 70%, some say it is 90%, I say it is 100%.

All my clients, I mean all of them follow a dietary program: there is no other way to achieve results without the science of nutrition.

I recommend you read my books and start a revolution!

The one million dollar question.