Men’s health


Either you were an Olympic level athlete or not. That simple.

Then in the 80s aerobics created a boom in terms of fitness. It was also the beginning of the super muscly male body, that kind of steroid look.

During that time I loved running. I would run anywhere I could. I was a bit like Forrest Gump.

The funny thing is that during that time the only male role model in that industry was Arnold “Steroid Head” Schwarzenegger, not my kind of hero.

I still think that modern males don’t have strong healthy male models to follow.

For some it is a soccer player or a rugby player. To me they are brainless.

Then society comes to most males and says: “you must exercise”.

So the confusion starts.

In my opinion we males should go inside ourselves, meditate more, find out what our passions are, not external but internal, and go there and do it.

The other paradigm is the overly muscly male, so not sure about that.

So if you are male, are you going inside yourself?

I remember that when I was a child in the 70s, fitness was a non-existent thing.