Things that you might be doing wrong in your fitness regime


Especially if you don’t have a trainer to guide you.

So let’s go straight to the point and name the main culprits, and what you should be doing to correct it.

You never stretch.

Correction: stretching should be done before and after any exercise, even if it is a walk.

You do not pay attention to your breathing.

Correction: all exercises should be matched with a slow deep breathing to control speed, muscle movement and obtain proper results.

You don’t pay attention to the speed when you perform exercises.

Correction: all exercises are to be done slowly, in control. The biggest mistake is to do things too fast. When high speed is applied muscles are not properly engaged, even risking injuries.

You plan as you go.

Correction: all routines should respect muscle sequences, rest periods, rest days. You should only exercise under the guidance of an exercise professional.

You run everyday.

Correction: running is not the best exercise in my opinion, and some people think that it can be done everyday and they keep adding more and more kms to their daily routines. Running creates sagging of the skin, muscle loss and other undesirable side effects. I recommend you stop running and get the guidance of an exercise professional.

You eat and drink whatever and burn it next day at the gym

Correction: the problem with this premise is that quality is not taken into consideration. In the long run people that practice this motto end up with several injuries and health problems. Look for the help of an exercise professional that also studied nutrition.

You don’t need a trainer, you are fit.

Correction: to be a personal trainer one needs years of study and training, it is not something that you do entering a gym and going with the flow. I am against gyms in general and think they should only be used under the guidance of a fitness professional. I have countless cases of clients that were thinking like that and got severe problems on their bodies.

Most problems happen because people are over confident and are not trainers.

Training should only be done with the guidance of a respectable fitness professional.

Nothing is perfect. Not even your workout.