Can training and diet impact on your hair health ?


Including hair health.

If you take into consideration that exercise increases the blood flow around the body, and all of our tissues receive nutrients from the blood, you will see that exercise can and will help your hair to get healthier.

I am not saying here that it is a panacea and the only factor involved, but it helps a lot.

Other factors are to keep the scalp clean, free of residue and, a good diet rich in silica, iron, vitamin c, protein.

The other factor here is that most people that are into exercise eat well, so half of the equation is solved.

Foods that help hair are cucumber, spirulina, cacao powder, vitamin c and eggs.

Those are great additions for hair health.

Cold showers also stimulate circulation in the scalp. A good scalp massage is also great to bring more blood into the head area.

Things to avoid are hot showers because they dehydrate all body tissues, alcohol, stress and poor diet.

Yoga inverted positions where head is down and facing the ground are also great for blood flow around the head.

So, time to get good hair !

Exercise has so many benefits.