The three most important things in health


So those things you are already doing, but it is essential to do them with respect, with reverence and at slow speed to understand their power entirely.

Those simple things are breathing, pure water, gratitude.

Breathing, I mean breathing via your nose, the slower you can, that will calm your body and mind and centre your life.

Start practising deep breathing for 30 minutes every morning, and that will change your day.

I guarantee you.

Then drink a lot of pure filtered water.

Drink slowly, paying attention and respect!

And for last gratitude.

When you encounter something hard, instead of fighting it, thank it.

It is liberating.

You can also every night thank all the little things that happened during the day.

You can thank your essential things like food, body and mind.

Thank you!

For more tips like that, read my book Inside Fitness, available on this website.

Yes, there are some specific things that, when done correctly they can change your life.