The one thing you might be missing on your health journey


Yes, we all breathe, but not quite the right way.

Especially during exercise.

In yoga and pilates correct breathing is fundamental.

It is crazy that the thing the Chinese call chi, has a character that has rice and air; basically good energy is created with the right foods and right breathing.

So what is the correct way to breathe?

Always through the nose, in and out, very slowly and gently, to the point that you can not hear your breaths.

Now you see how that is miles away from a western aerobics class where breathing is not even mentioned.

Correct breathing centres the mind, oxygenates all bodily tissues and above all creates good form and technique.

There is no correct exercise without the right breathing.

People underestimate the power of breathing and physical results.

So, no correct breathing, no good results.

I see most of the time that people do amazing workouts, halfway diets and no breathing exercises.