Power of the spirit vs the body


Yes, we have medicine, exercise and diet but also we have our inner power.

Call it internal, inner, spiritual, whatever suits your beliefs.

I like to call it spiritual.

When we believe in the inner healing powers of our bodies, magic happens.

It is proven in all medical clinical trials that the placebo effect works.

So let’s use it.

I think that the most useful thing you can do to start learning about yourself is to meditate.

There is no right way to meditate.

I have been meditating for around 30 years now. I was exposed to so many techniques.

I am a believer that just breathing slowly is the best one.

No need to light up candles, to chant or to do anything.

No need to close your eyes either.

Just sit anywhere, no need to even be a calm place. Just pay attention to your breathing.

Start with 20 minutes and then keep adding minutes according to your lifestyle.

If you want know more about it please read my book Inside Fitness, available on this website.

I am a believer that our inner spiritual power can make us healthier.