Is it good to count calories, steps and use smart watches?


Nowadays, there are step trackers, calorie trackers, body temperature trackers, and the list goes on.

I have personally tested a few of them.

And I also see the effects they produce on my clients.

I think there are two kinds of people that use those trackers.

The ones that buy them use, them for a week and are done.

It is like the new treadmill that people used to buy and never used.

And then there are the hardcore technology clients that want to track everything.

My opinion is that fitness needs to relax you, to be fun and those toys can kill the vibe.

I think in the future we will have trackers on our phones that will alert us to health problems and so on, and I believe that will be useful.

But to track calories and steps, I think it is a bit of nothing.

I would save my money.

In a world where everything can be traceable, is it good to track everything?