Should you stretch? When?


Yes, can you believe that stretching was seen as a negative thing?

People used to say that stretching could make your muscles break and lose their power.

I know it is totally wrong.

We now know that stretching should be done all the time.

Do it when you watch TV. The more, the better.

And when you add breathing work with that, it takes the physical and mental results to the next level.

In my sessions, I stretch all my clients before, after and in between exercises.

Think like this; exercise adds tension to your muscles and stretching takes the stress out.

And we should do not have tension at all!

That should be the target.

Stretching can borrow movements from yoga, pilates, martial arts, Russian exercises and dancing.

So stretching is everything!

Without stretching, one gets an injury, bad posture and even bad mood.

Stretch now!

I remember in the 80s people used to think that you shouldn’t have to stretch at all.