Is Hot Yoga good for your health? Get my outdoor personal trainer opinion


Since yoga was created at an elusive time and no one really knows the real date, (some say hundreds of years and some say thousands of years,) it opens the door to business people that want to make money out of it.

That’s the world of patents and trade names that many years ago didn’t exist.

Hot yoga is one of them, but the same goes for goat yoga, naked yoga, and baby yoga. As a registered professional and also a yoga teacher I feel ashamed of people that did that to an amazing school of exercise.

The person behind hot yoga is named Bikram. He has been involved in several legal processes, and as I far I know, is prohibited from entering the USA.

In terms of technique, he took a few yoga poses, added heat to it and called it hot yoga.

The principle behind it is that with heat, you can detox, and become more flexible.

I question that.

In that intensive heat where the classes are run, you get dehydrated and feel sick for sure.

Not to mention that the classes are highly repetitive.

So I would stay away from anything like that.

If you are a reader of my blog, you already know my opinion on yoga and other single schools of exercise.

If not, I invite you to read my other blog entries.

So the summary here is yes for yoga taken as a prescription to a client but never follow trends based on marketing.

If I had to name here all kinds of yoga, the list would have a few pages.