Liposuction vs diet and exercise


I will give my opinion and experience seeing clients that have done this procedure.

I would say that it is a very risky procedure; basically, you can die.

Scared now?

You should be.

I have had many clients that came to me after they had done a liposuction procedure in several body parts, and the results are not fantastic.

The main side effect is rippling skin due to the cannula maneuvers that the plastics surgeon does.

And yes that has no solution; the skin will be like that after that.

The other undesirable side effect I see is numbness due to nerve damage.

And the third and most underestimated side effect that I see is that people that don't learn the natural pathway to "weight loss". They basically haven't learnt the skill to eat well, to have a nutritious and balanced diet and to not overeat.

The result is that this person puts on weight after the liposuction.

So they get back to ground zero.

Then comes the “vs” part of this blog entry; diet and exercise are the only solution.

The learning of excellent eating skills and exercise is priceless, not only for your looks but for your health.

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It’s very tempting to think you can take an anesthetic and wake up skinny.