Should you exercise during the coronavirus outbreak?


I am a personal trainer and this advice is based on the guidelines of Fitness Australia, and the Australian Government.

Yes, you should continue your exercise routine unless you are sick.

You should not exercise in enclosed places with more than 100 people.

I train my clients outdoors, and I only run one on one classes, so in my case it is all good.

Not only during the outbreak, but at all times, all fitness environments should be fully sanitised between clients, and all clients should arrive with clean hands.

I personally sanitise the hands of all my clients before and after all sessions.

So keeping your health, exercise and diet are vital now, and the role of all trainers is to keep the morale up and make sure that those standards are followed.

So, exercise! Be happy !

Do not engage in negative chats with anyone, let the experts guide us.

I highly recommend you to meditate every day. That will make sure your stress hormone cortisol will be kept low.

Stress is one of the main things that can lower your immune system, so please look after your mental health, breathe slowly, enjoy life and trust life.

We can not control everything, but we can control our diets, what comes out of our mouths and our actions.

Make everyone and yourself proud!

This is the time to shine.

To learn more about meditation, please read my book, Inside Fitness, available on this website.

I am not a doctor.