Things to avoid during a fast. Are juicing, vitamins, supplements and bulletproof coffee ok?


Fasting is in vogue, and there is a lot of wrong information on the net.

So the act of fasting means no food for at least 16 hours.

There are different fasting protocols, and the best are the most simple ones.

Firstly it needs to be done with the guidance of a professional.

I see a lot of people drinking coffee, tea, bulletproof, coffee, and so on.

None of those things should be taken during a fast.

The body needs to have its full capacity turned into a process called autophagy.

I am not going to go in detail here, but basically, the body is healing itself.

Having any of those drinks will stop that process.

Also, supplements and vitamins should not be taken during the fasting period.

Then we come to the topic of juice fasting.

Juicing can never and never will be a fast.

Juicing is a detox and excellent when done without the addition of high fructose fruit.

Juicing can be combined with a fast.

Bulletproof coffee is a no-no at any time. Caffeine is a poison and should be avoided.

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Intermittent fasting… let's talk about what needs to be avoided.