Is whey protein good for your health?


I say that whey protein is for men what botox is for some women.

They fill that imaginary promise that if you take it you will gain muscle and look like a Marvel superhero.

Guys, sorry to destroy your imaginary dreams but muscles are created with real food and proper training.

The list of undesirable side effects of whey is long.

So let's talk about it.

Whey is a dairy product, and dairy has a protein called casein that is listed as a carcinogen. Yes, I studied that in detail at Cornell University and the science says dairy is not for human consumption.

Dairy is a by-product of the meat industry, and they love to sell everything from their production lines, even the bones they use.

Whey is a by-product of the cheese-making factories.

Whey is also high in sodium which creates fluid retention in the body and gives a false sense that the muscles are inflated.

Whey is also high in hormones, vaccines and other medications given to the cows, and because it is a powder, those chemicals are there in a higher concentration.

Whey is very cheap, so many companies attach their marketing to it, add a flavour, and sell it like a magic bullet.

Many trainers sell them.

I have been approached by many companies and PR agents to be the voice of many of those whey products, and I refuse it because I know what it is about.

I am here to educate you.

So what is the other alternative?

Getting back to the point, real food, real training and advice from top experts.

There are some protein supplements from vegetable origin that can be used in some cases, and I only prescribe that just to a few clients.

I think from the vegetable proteins, the fermented rice, soy and pea proteins are the best choice, and also they need to be organic to avoid nasty surprises.

So, avoid whey and dairy products.

If you are a male, you know what whey protein is.