Real Yoga moves vs social media wannabes circus acts


You see people doing handstands on two fingers.

You see people twisting like pretzels.

And you see yoga “wannabes” on social media.

It is getting out of control.

It is like you need to belong to a Circus act to be able to do yoga.

And yoga has nothing to do with that.

Real yoga is about relaxing, balancing the body.

Yoga is a medicine of the highest order if used as such.

Traditional yoga is almost no longer studied nowadays.

People think that yoga is the same as being hyper-flexible.

And yoga, in reality, has nothing to do with that.

As a personal trainer (and yoga is one of the schools of exercise under my belt), I say that yoga is all about balancing the muscles, the mind and the whole body.

When I see people doing ridiculous acts, I can totally say that they are not real yogis.

Just people with gymnastics or circus backgrounds who are trying to be cool on social media.

In my opinion, that scares people away from doing real exercise.

So next time you see a circus act remember that it is not yoga.

It is a scary thing to see fitness people on social media.