Strength training my opinion as a Sydney outdoor personal trainer


So what on earth is strength training

Strength is a word that has been used in the wrong way in terms of training.

People mix up the idea that lifting weights is strength training and in reality, strength is the capacity of training the muscles to work together. That is what creates strength.

In reality, you could have a person with massive biceps but who is weak.

Those big biceps could be the by-product of water retention caused by excess sodium from whey protein powders.

I will give you an example.

When I used to do gymnastics, we had from time to time a “pumped” big muscly guy that used to show up and say :

"My friends told me that I am strong and that I will be great doing the rings in gymnastics".

Then that supposedly “strong” person tried to do the rings and had no success.

I wish you could see the size of the arms of a gymnast that does the rings. They are not big at all, just defined.

So strength is super important in training, and I work on that with all my clients in all sessions.

Now you know that muscle size has nothing to do with strength.

So how do we make someone stronger?

I am doing exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups.

Every client is different!

Come to train with me, and I will show you!

A few decades ago, the rule of training was: never mix cardio with strength training.