New Wearable Technologies: OSKA uses Nikola Tesla’s Knowledge


So I am lucky enough to be connected to very smart people, journalists, athletes and people that are on the edge of futuristic technologies.

So lately I was introduced to OSKA.

I had a chat with, Darren Wedge, one of the co-founders of OSKA, so here is my chat with him:

1) What is OSKA? – It is a portable, non-invasive, drug free Pain Management and Recovery device using scientifically proven (PEMF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. It is about the size of a mobile phone and is a multi-user, multi-condition device.

2) How did you create OSKA? – Our development team, through their experience in the industry looked at the alternative PEMF devices on the market, their strengths and weaknesses and where the gaps were in the current devices. We then built a prototype in Western Australia that would be easy for anyone to use. 1 press of the button and the device is programmed to do the work without the need for adjusting the program. This is why it has proven to be successful across a wide range of ailments.

3) Where did the idea come from? – PEMF has been used by the Medical Industry for over 60 years without any side effects. Our development team, based in Perth Western Australia had been involved with older versions of PEMF devices and wanted to create an affordable, easy to use PEMF device (with the latest technology) that was available to anyone and which could be used anywhere.

4) When was it ? – We commenced development in 2013. In 2015 we took the device to the USA and set up in Southern California (our device is manufactured in the USA). In April 2016 we started selling Oska Pulse to the public and have since sold in to 22 countries.

5) Tell me about Nikola Tesla and his influence on OSKA? - Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) was the father of advanced electromagnetic field frequency therapy. Tesla had an intimate understanding of the relationship between the pulse of the earth, electricity, and magnetic fields, and he developed ideas for a huge number of inventions we use to this day. While the classic electrical device is the Tesla Coil which produces streamers of lightning in the air, a lesser-known electrical coil was also invented by Tesla. This is the standard magnetic loop or flat spiral coil seen in all PEMF systems today.

6) How to use OSKA? – Oska Pulse creates a field 11 inches in all directions from the device. This means that it does not have to touch your skin, does not have to be on your body and two or more people can get benefit from the one device, if they are within 11 inches of the device. The device is sequentially programmed to deliver the optimal result, simply press the button once, the Oska does all the work and turns itself off after 90 minutes. After that just press the button again, as long as you drink water to flush the toxins out of your body, you cannot overuse Oska. The device has a rechargeable battery, so you need to ensure you keep it charged. The Oska Pulse is a one-time purchase and does not require any ongoing purchases like other Pain Management devices do.

7) Any special ways to use OSKA? – Oska Pulse is an easy to use device. It can be used with the compression straps provided, can be placed in pockets in your clothing, in bed near you or on your chair if you are sitting down. Just make sure it is secure and cannot be dropped. We have customers that use it while exercising, sleeping, and sitting down. Oska is used in cars and planes and even when people are working, just do not put it in water.

8) How OSKA can be used by someone that is just looking for general health? – Oska uses PEMF science which has been proven to assist the body to repair itself by replicating what our cells should be doing. In addition to assisting after injury, ailments or surgery, Oska Pulse and PEMF also assist in regenerating our cells and slowing down cell deterioration brought about by accidents and injury as well as by normal aging.

Oska Pulse has been awarded : 

2018 Oska Pulse Recognized as “Best New Technology Solution—Pain Management”

2017 Oska Pulse Recognized as “Best Healthcare Wearable Device.”

If you are my client, you know that I am a bit of a mad scientist and I keep researching new things, from gear to top technologies. I am in!