Never fall into this fitness trap


All of us have some fitness experience with this deadly sin.

I am talking about exercise group classes.

When I watch an exercise group class, I see a train wreck.

It is like a mechanic trying to fix a group of cars at the same time.

Or a medical doctor performing surgery on a group of patients at the same time.

I remember being trained to be a trainer, and I had to run group classes as part of my assessments.

Those were horrible experiences.

It had nothing to do about my clients, their targets and what they like and what motivates them.

It was a performance and a hazardous one.

I vowed to myself to never do or rerun group classes, and I mean it.

I only do one on one sessions.

There is no way a trainer can pay attention to a group of clients that might have injuries, different fitness levels and targets.

Fitness must be individual and designed to target your needs.

There is no other way.

Most of my new clients come to me come frustrated from the group class environment and say that they never achieved their targets.

So training must be one on one.


Let's do not commit this sin ever again.

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I call this the biggest sin of them all.