Healthy workouts, diet and nutrition


I would like to talk about them and break a few paradigms surrounding them.

So first one is healthy workouts.

I know it is a broad one, but for me, any movement done with your full attention, with correct breaths and posture is a healthy workout.

For an example if you do yoga not paying attention to your posture, correct breaths , it is not a healthy workout.

On the other hand if you are carrying shopping bags, doing deep breaths with good posture, that is a healthy workout.

The next words are diet and nutrition.

Yes you can and should follow a diet with strict boundaries around it.

In life if you say no to certain things the result is whatever.

When you know the rules of the game and work hard that is success.

So a good diet is a dietary program with specific rules and boundaries and a lot of NOs to be said, because the word no is what denotes strong boundaries.

And nutrition is part of that, to nurture is to add nutrients.

Nutrients are macro nutrients like protein , carbohydrates and fats.

Nutrients are also micro nutrients like minerals and I add antioxidants to that list.

As you can see, next time someone say the words healthy, nutrients, and so on, open your mind and see what is what !

There are some words that keep popping up in my industry.