I speak to my client, Sigourney Cantelo, former Vogue Editor and now owner of Beauticate


I’ve been writing about beauty and health for twenty years now! I’ve worked in glossy magazines like Glamour and Vogue as well as newspapers, and then I launched my own site, Beauticate, six years ago. We recently relaunched the site with a fresh new design.

What is the best natural beauty advice would you give to men?

Generally speaking, men’s skin is oilier so they do age more slowly than women but it’s still important to introduce antioxidants from your twenties. And of course sunscreen is a non negotiable for every age - it’s the ultimate preventative product.

What is your best natural beauty advice for women?

Diet is crucial. 'Eat the rainbow’ which means to try and get as many different colours on your plate to ensure you get a range of antioxidants into your diet as well as foods that are rich in EFA’s (essential fatty acids) such as salmon, avocado and nuts. This will help your skin glow, hair shine and nails say strong.

What beauty tricks can people do at home to look amazing?

Give yourself a facial massage with facial oil every evening - this will stimulate your skin and make it glow. I use a gua sha tool - it really helps to get under the cheekbones and massage my neck, which gets really tight.

What are the biggest mistakes people do about their beauty routines?

Wearing the wrong colour foundation! When you try foundation on always try it on clean skin in natural light, it should disappear into your skin without much blending. You also don’t need to use too much - just a little down the centre of the face, blending outwards to cover any redness.

What is your secret to looking amazing all the time?

Ha ha I certainly don’t look amazing all the time! I do think that skincare is more important than makeup - making sure that you care for the health of the skin first, rather than covering it up with makeup. I used to have lash extensions which I loved as I always felt done, with no need to wear makeup. But I’ve recently stopped having them done so I’ve had to get used to using mascara again. The key is using an eyelash curler - it’s great for elongating the last and getting the most out of your mascara.

What is your favourite natural product?

I still love coconut oil to moisturise the body. Cheap as chips and smells amazing!

Tell me about your experience with diet and how it impacted your beauty.

Working with Ricardo was great - he had so many great ideas around incorporating superfoods into the diet and smoothies. Also favouring raw plant-based foods as much as possible.

What is the best thing people can do to look their best?

Eating fresh, vibrant seasonal plants and a wide variety. I recently bought a Vegepod and am growing all my own greens at home - it makes it really easy to just pick a salad for lunch or make a green smoothie for breakfast. And they’re SO fresh and tasty.

What people should avoid to look great?

Lack of sleep will always make you feel pretty crappy. And water. Basic things but fundamental when it comes to beauty.

You have tried so many things throughout the years so please tell us about your fitness routine, what works and what doesn’t work.

I ebb and flow with my exercise routine but I find I’m happiest when I don’t put too much pressure on myself. I just try to incorporate as much movement in my day as possible. My kids love it when I jump on the trampoline with them, which is so much fun and it doesn’t feel like exercise! Also dancing around the house! I try and do a bit of yoga or pilates if I get a minute throughout the day (the trick is to wear activewear every day just in case!)

You are one of Australia’s top beauty experts so tell us a bit about your work background