How to live a long life?


Even the band Queen wrote a song about it.

Deep inside we all want to have a healthy life and live long.

And yes there is a huge difference between living a long life with health and surviving long years with no quality of life.

So we need to avoid future problems and to do that every single action you do counts towards it.

Yes, every single action.

We all now know about what could reduce your life span : drugs including cigarettes and alcohol, lack of sleep, bad diet.

On thing that is actually the main longevity factor that most people don’t know is overeating, or in other words : how much you eat.

There are hundreds of medical studies around longevity and fasting, yes lack of food.

Dr David Sinclair from Harvard University is the world’s top authority on the subject so I highly recommend you read his work.

Basically we need to have the minimum amount of calories with the highest amount of micro and macro nutrients. Translating it, lots of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

So to live long you must follow a longevity protocol.

Other factors are to reduce everyday stress, breathe slowly and have a fulfilling life.

Purpose is one of the main longevity factors in the Island of Okinawa in Japan.

What is your purpose in this life?

Work on it.

Who wants to live forever?

And as the band Queen said : “Who is forever anyway?”

Who wants to live forever?