Can heritage influence your weight loss?


Is there any truth behind that?

Yes and no.

In terms of genetics some people might have a predisposition to put on weight.

But external factors like stress, diet and so on can activate those tendencies, or not.

I think we are entering a phase in history where we will get tested in terms of genetics more and more.

And we will be able to pinpoint those factors and act a bit better.

Some people lose weight more easily and that also has to do with their microbiome, in other words their colony of bacteria inside them.

Again, external factors can influence our microbiome.

As you can see we are in a loop where external factors influence internal factors.

So that’s why I always say to watch who you hang out with, what you eat and what you think.

In terms of cultural eating we see that some cultures developed a kind of “export” version of their local diets.

For an example you might think that Italians just eat pasta, that Mexicans just eat tortillas and so on, and that is not true.

Most traditional cultural diets can be very healthy.

So to get back to the main point; external factors are more important than cultural in terms of weight gain and loss.

Keeping it simple is always the best way to be happier and healthier.

I get asked this question from time to time.