Do you like your own body?


If so you should start working on it.

When I say that I mean working on self love.

There is no point in one training and eating well if there is no self respect, no self love.

I always say that : “why do you want to change your body?”

People don’t even know why they look for my services sometimes.

I am not a big fan of people coming to me asking me to get legs like someone else, or arms like that famous person.

Instead we all need to work to make the things that we have work for us.

I am not saying to let things go.

What I am saying is to respect what you have .

Yes make it better but not turn it into something else.

Otherwise we fall into the plastic surgery category, and that in my opinion is a recipe for a mental disease.

I have met a few plastic surgeons in my lifetime and all of them complain about this same issue we are talking here.

So, do you love yourself or are you trying to be something that is not you?

Hard question for you?