How to know if you are training too much ?


The days where bootcamp instructors screamed for more and more.

Basically the idea of torture and exercise in the same sentence do not exist anymore.

It was very easy to know in those days if you were exercising too much or out of your limits.

You basically felt sick.

Other ways to know if you have done too much are :

- Constant body pains that never go away, denoting extreme muscle inflammation;

  • Difficulty in sleeping, feeling that any night of sleep is never enough. Due to high levels of cortisol in the body;
  • Lack of hunger or eating too much; Satiety gets a bit out of control;
  • Difficulty in putting on muscle due to hormonal havoc;
  • Skin break outs due to low immunity;
  • Weight gain or extreme weight loss due to the lack of rest or difficulty in resting;
  • No motivation to train.

As you can see, over-training is not a good thing.

Exercise should only be used under the guidance of a professional so we can apply proper rest between sessions and also check if you are under or over-training.

The rest is so important. VERY, VERY ,VERY important.

One can not keep pushing harder and harder at training without severe side effects.

So like anything in life moderation is key !

Long gone are the days of vomiting during a training session.