How to keep alive your fitness vision and targets with the help of an outdoor personal trainer


Sorry, I had to say it 3 times so you remember what is the most important thing to maintain your determination in a fitness routine.

And targets are created with a vision, a feeling, and a dream.

I know it sounds a bit ludicrous, but targets must have the vision behind them and the vision should be charged with emotions.

If you want to simplify it think about the word determination. Just that.

So be practical now.

Imagine that you want to get fit.

In my opinion getting fit is not a target, it has no vision.

Getting fit is the consequence of someone’s training towards something.

And targets don’t need to be towards something impossible like running a marathon.

I had clients where their target was to walk shirtless on the beach.

And so on.

You got the idea.

So before you embark into a fitness journey remember to set a target, something that connects you to your dreams.

Targets, targets and targets.