My experience with Australian Institute of Fitness courses, Professional certification as an outdoor personal trainer


I have a sports history since I was a kid, I did gymnastics, bodyboarding, running and I had great teachers on those modalities. I still hold their lessons of determination and perseverance.

Australian Institute of Fitness I learnt so much, the best thing about myAt the Master Trainer and nutrition qualifications with them were the teachers!

They have the best teachers, they really coach you and listen to you. I felt nurtured and can’t recommend them enough.

I hold a few qualifications with them : Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Master Trainer and Nutrition Coaching.

That launched me to pursue other studies in the field of fitness and nutrition.

They provided me such a strong base for my career and now I just build things on top of it.

So after them I studied Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Nutrition at Cornell University, I also did countless courses around nutrition.

Being a trainer is an act of polishing your skills, and that is done not only with experience but also with courses, and I am still studying and I have to be forever thankful for having The Australian Institute of Fitness under my belt!

I love what I do and I have to say that I had great teachers along the way, not only when I got my fitness qualifications, but also before.