How to become super fit during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown


Here in Australia, we are experiencing constant lockdowns due to the pandemic.

I believe we can make this time to improve ourselves.

I will give you some tips.

First, work on your mind.

Since many people are working from home and not needing to drive to work, you might have extra time for a morning meditation.

I believe that a morning mediation can set up the day for success.

So the mind is covered.

Now the physical body.

What about you do some simple exercises every day like push-ups, squats.

I would avoid walking outside and running due to obvious reasons.

You can also have online sessions with me!

I also created a series of exercise videos that last only 10 minutes each and are very effective.

You can download them from this website.

So the options are there for you!

Time to adapt, change and shine!

Like anything in life, you can turn a situation around.