How much weight should you lose a week?


So people always ask me what is the magical number in weight loss.

I have to say that there is no magical number.

That's why I call my business personal training, and I never do group classes.

Each individual is an accumulation of not only genetic factors, mental and environmental factors.

We are so much more.

So I always ask all my clients to avoid the scales and focus on quality.

Add quality to your life, and you will become healthier and healthier.

The clothes will get lose on you, and that's the best indication.

In my experience, people that weigh themselves end up obsessing about their bodies too much.

Also, scales are not accurate.

Let's say you drink a glass of water or have a meal that will show up on the scales as weight gain.

Other factors that might change your weight during a single day are exercise, resting, moon cycles, and many more.

So what exactly do people measure on scales?

Weight loss and all its mysteries.