How to avoid weight gain during COVID quarantine


What if you used this time to improve yourself and get fitter?

To do that, I would like to mention the main problems that people are encountering and how to avoid them.

So let's check the list:

-Sitting down for too long. Working from home can be a big problem. The solution here is to book yourself to do a few walks during the day. One early in the morning, another one in the afternoon;

-Lack of exercise. Many people used to rely on gyms to exercise, and without access to them, the solution is to exercise at home. I train my clients online during lockdowns, so that is a possibility. Another option is to download my exercise videos available on this website;

-Overeating. The solution here is first to do not buy unhealthy foods and do not snack. Stick to your main meals and respect portion control;

-Feeling low and depressed. Try to meditate every day. Read my book Inside Fitness to get a few ideas on how to meditate.

So let's get fitter and healthier.

For more tips, read my books available on this website.

A lot of people are putting on weight during lockdown periods.