Healthy preparation tips


I think so.

Let's explore first what is a healthy meal.

In my opinion and experience, a healthy meal needs to have the following components:

-At least 80% of its size needs to be plant-based;

-High in antioxidants. So think about bright colours;

-Don't add any form of sugar to your food, and that includes "trendy" forms of sweeteners like coconut sugar, maple syrup and honey;

-Don't add any salt to your diet, even if it is Himalayan salt, black salt, tamari, soy sauce or any other sauces containing sodium;

-Steam your vegetables instead of boiling them to preserve their nutrients;

-Add green leafy vegetables to your meals;

-Have some vitamins, and the one that must be part of your daily diet is vitamin C. There are so many studies around it and so many great benefits;

-Add fermented foods to your meals, things like sauerkraut, cashew cheese (recipe in my cookbook), noni juice, apple cider vinegar.

Other points to add here are:

- Chew your food slowly;

- Be grateful for the food you are eating, connect yourself to it;

- Never over-eat anything.

So have fun with your recipes and for any other ideas, read my books available on this website.

So are there any secrets to prepare healthy meals?