Do you really need to detox?


Everyone needs and must detox.

So let's explore the word detox first.

Our bodies are naturally trying to clean themselves.

So the problem is that we live in such polluted environments that we need to help our bodies flush all the garbage out.

Think about pollution in the air, chemicals in the food supply, chemicals everywhere!

We were not designed to have all this exposure.

So we need to detox, YES!

The feeling after a great detox is bliss!

If you haven't done it yet, you won't know what I am talking about.

Things get a bit worse during a detox, like headaches and other symptoms that I describe in my book, Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet.

So how do we do a detox?

The main thing is to reduce and then completely cut what can intoxicate us.

Things like :




-Processed foods;

-Exposure to chemicals.

Then to enhance the detox, you can do several things that I describe in my book.

So the time to detox is NOW.

The short answer is YES!