Searching for a personal trainer in Sydney?


So what is essential in the personal trainer search.

As a trainer, I would say that number one factor in finding a good trainer is to know the background of this person. Then add to it the following points:

-Number of years in terms of experience. Training is an art and requires decades to master it.

-Availability. Is the person close to you and can offer camera sessions in case you are far away?

-Only one on one sessions. You want to have a fully focused trainer on you, not group classes. Group classes are not personal training anyway.

-Reputation. What is this person's reputation on the market?

-Versatility. Look for a trainer that is an all-rounder. That knows different schools of exercise. Avoid trainers that only do one form of training. That is very limiting.

So I hope this helps you!

The most crucial step in getting fitter is to look for a personal trainer.