Can birth control methods like implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs), injections, pills and vaginal rings impact on your weight? 


And like any drug, the pill has severe side effects.

One of them is fluid retention and that can and will make a woman puffy and uncomfortable 

Especially when combined with poor water intake and high sodium intake.

So far in my career, I had countless cases of women with fluid retention due to hormone problems caused by contraceptive drugs.

My advice is to explore other forms of birth control and avoid salt added to foods and make sure you drink a lot of filtered water every day.

Look for a doctor that will help you to achieve your birth control in a health and smart way.

The pill can also cause several skin problems like acne, melasma and many other problems.

Like with any drug, you must explore and read about all side effects.

Be informed and have your health as the first priority.

The use of contraceptive medications gave a form of “freedom” to couples worldwide.