Barefoot vs normal footwear. What is best for training?


If you haven’t trained without shoes I highly recommend you do that.

Having our feet locked up not only affects our body temperature but changes the centre of balance in the body.

Having shoes during a training session also makes your muscles get a bit weak, since most of the balancing is done by your shoes and not your muscles.

And yes there is also a hybrid version of being barefoot. There are many footwear brands that say that you can have the barefoot experience with very minimalistic footwear.

I personally tested a few of them and they are good but, a bit weird.

They are better for sure than a super rigid shoe but only trying to really know the feel.

So next time you see a wild animal, notice that they don’t have shoes.

Footwear is another marketing gimmick that we all are addicted to.

Mother Nature never fails. She created our feet in the most perfect way.