Let’s explore failed fitness gimmicks


In my experience in the industry I have seem so many fails, and they are funny.

I bet some of you have tested a lot of them.

So let’s talk about the biggest fails.

The fitness ball phase. Everything was done with the ball, from squats to push ups, the ball had to be there.

You could even sit on the ball the whole day and skip the chairs all together.

Then it came to bosu, half a ball.

Then things got wilder with mini balls, heavier balls.

Now let’s enter the domain of wild group classes, from slide to step classes. A lot of people got severe knee problems.

Not to mention the crazy circuit classes where everything was possible.

The most ridiculous things I have ever seen were in the yoga movement , like naked yoga, goat yoga, hot yoga and nightclub yoga.

In my opinion all those “tools” and fantastic ideas are gimmicks designed by someone trying to make a lot of money.

In reality we just need our bodies to exercise.

The solution to a great body is simplicity.

So take the lesson of all gimmicks that ever existed and next time that you see something “revolutionary” you know what it is.

Give it 6 months to a year and that thing will disappear as fast as it came.

Free yourself from those things !

The fitness industry is full of trends, things that come and things that go.