What to avoid in restaurants


Restaurants are great to socialise, see friends and family.

And they can also be a dangerous trap if you sit down and let things happen.

It is all about having healthy boundaries of what is good for you and what is not.

So here are a few of my tips so you can use them next time you go to a restaurant:

-Avoid sharing dishes with people unless you are the one ordering. You never know what people might order, and that might not be healthy;

-Read the menu and if nothing suits healthy food guidelines, speak to the waiter, and create something better. All restaurants on the planet have vegetables and lean protein. Just know what you are ordering;

-Watch the portion sizes. Yes, that tiny portion of vegetables can be huge. And even healthy foods in excess are not suitable for you;

-Ask the waiter to do not to add salt or sauces with salt to your diet. Yes, salt is a tremendous healthy enemy;

-Drink water at your meals.

Keep it simple.

For more tips, read my books available on this website.

We have that restaurant moment.