What sources of fitness advice should you avoid


The corona virus made people look for fitness alternatives and some sharks took advantage and started to try to get some money out of it.

You name it, that cute couple on instagram to someone unknown from the internet that is an “influencer”.

Then when you investigate none of them have qualifications to teach, talk or even mention anything about fitness.

It’s like getting medical advice from a “doctor” that has no qualifications but is an influencer.

You got the picture.

In Australia it is actually illegal to teach if you are not qualified.

People can even go to jail.

So please only listen to qualified people and support people that have studied, and give their lives to it.

And please report to Fitness Australia the people that are selling, promoting or even doing illegal exercise “lives” on social media.

Time to stop with the madness.

There is a whole bunch of fitness information everywhere now.