What is the list of top foods to eat every day?


Here is a very general list that of course must be adapted to different clients but probably those foods must be included.

And when I say foods, I mean nutrients also.

Number, one, of course, is water, pure filtered water: nothing fancy, no mineral or sparkling due to its high sodium content.

Then it comes vegetables, the low GI ones like green leaves, herbs, spices and everything in between those lines.

And then antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods like vitamin C, omega 3, spirulina.

And protein from good quality sources like beans, lentils, oily fish and eggs.

Add a splash of fermented foods like sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, and your digestion will be on point.

On top of it, all apply good chewing, gratitude, respect and you will on the road for good health.

For more tips, read my boos available on this website.

So what things should you be eating every day?