Should you rest between exercise sets?


I like to add recovery exercises between sets or even breathing exercises or other tricks.

A training session should not have breaks at all.

Imagine that you just finished 50 push-ups, the next thing should be to exercise another group muscle and then get back to the push-ups.

Got the idea?

I like to mix yoga and Pilates exercises between strength training sets, and so on.

That old paradigm of a trainer sitting down watching a client between sets is not good.

It is a vibe killer for your motivation.

So next time you train perform every single exercise with slow breaths, no rest in between sets and add some exciting activities in between.

A plan must be created before you start anything.

I highly recommend you train with a qualified trainer with years of experience.

Go for it!

NO. In my experience, I would say that I should not waste a single second of a session.