What is the deal with electronic muscle stimulation training?


So many crazy inventions out there.

A mad scientist is always trying to find the new cash cow that will make them a millionaire.

And believe it or not, many of those inventions are created by people who are not part of the fitness industry.

So now we have electronic muscle stimulation training.

It claims that short sessions around 15 to 20 minutes can create a tremendous result due to muscle stimulation using electronic devices.

Does it work?

Yes, to a certain point.

I question a few things around it:

-The client commitment to always exercise using those machines and the longevity of the client's fitness journey. In my experience, the more things you add, the lower the chances of someone sticking to it;

-The long-term effects of this technology on the body since no long-term studies have been done;

-The limitation of exercises that can be performed using the technology can be very boring after a while, and motivation can go down the hill.

In my opinion, stick to regular exercises and always have the guidance of a trainer to make sure things don't get boring, and activities are performed correctly.

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I know the fitness industry keeps reinventing itself.